baaaah, ich fange einfach viel zu viele Sachen an. Vergesst diese Liste. Ich schreibe nur noch spontan und überlege mir genau dann, worüber ich schreiben will 🙂


Forget this list, it’s outdated.

Are you wondering what I’ll talk about next? You’ll find some clues here, so make sure you’ll come back!

  • more inspirational quotes –  I think I’ll do something like a weekly regular post here, maybe a new one each Monday? // hmh, dunno
  • I bought some of those squeeze pencils with a water tank and I can’t wait to try them. I’ll tell you what happened! // I work with them for a while now, need to type that article….
  • And there is this awesome book I’m reading about getting creative like an artist… // still reading
  • I’ll probably go to the Sigmar Polke exhibition at Frieder Burda Museum end of the week or next week.
  • And I’m working on an easter crafting surprise.

Do you have any whishes what I should cover next? Let me know! (Just comment anywhere. I still have to figure out how to activate comments on this page. Or send me an email)