My favorites on Instagram (part 4) – weaving a world

Today’s Instagram roundup is all about the art of weaving. Weaving is one of the oldest crafts of mankind and our modern culture is unthinkable without the achievements of the weavers of ancient times.

It’s also on of the first crafts I can remember 🙂 We made a woven heart out of red paper stripes for mothersday.

My mom showed me how to build my own weaving loom with an old cardboard piece – which I then used all. the. time. I was allowed to use her wool leftovers and created fancy things like a small pink and white handbag (which made me lose my money as it was too loose) or home decor for my Barbies.

Weaving is a technique that was a little out of date for a couple of years, but the comeback made it cooler than ever before. Weaving is perfect for getting into the flow and let the mind wander. It’s perfect to express our feelings, we can choose of so many patterns and materials nowadays, possibilities are endless! We can even create stunning pictures as if we had paper, brush and color. Well almost. No it’s just as stunning, but it’s different!

I did some paper weaving for spring decoration lately, but I need a loom or a big cardboard, as I want to weave some coole seating mats for my kids’ outdoor playspace. I’d like to give it to them as an Easter present, but that doesn’t fit into my Lent resolution (which is: I won’t buy ANY new art supply before Easter – very hard to stick to, as I’m addicted to trying new stuff).

As for most crafting and arts fields, Instagram is an Eldorado of Inspiration for any aspiring weaver! Here we go:

THIS! is my favorite weaving picture this week:

Filipa Duran Mata of @crochet.e.etc posted this for International Women’s Day and I think it’s just so beautiful!


Then I love @haandvevd, a textile artist from Norway. She makes thoughtful and minimalist woven wallhangings in natural colors. Her feed is wonderful!

Judit Justs weaving art is more of the ecclectic colorful kind, she often combines the weaving with knotting.

〰✂ available on my Etsy shop -link on profile. ✂〰

Ein von @_jujujust_ geteilter Beitrag am

Check out Christabel Balfours feed, if you’re into artful tapestry! Her style is minimalist, calm and simple.

If you want to create your own stuff and need a challenge: visit The Weaving Kind. Because that’s just what they offer: Challenges, and inspiration!

Let me know if you think I should add your feed to this list as well!

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My favourites on Instagram (part 3) – tiles are tiles

tiles are tiles

I love the soothing repretition of pattern and tiles and as I already announced in my blogpost about the tiles at Sintra and the Alhambra: “the soothing art of tiles”, my weekly Instagram roundup will be about tiles.

The profile ihavethisthingwithtiles reposts great pictures of tiles, mainly floortiles. It’s probably the first one you find and you’ll stick there 😉 Use the hashtag #ihavethisthingwithtiles to get featured. Considering the high quality, Gabriela Insana (I’m guessing she’s the owner of the account) curates before reposting.

There is a similar profile ihavethisthingwithfloors. They collect floor pictures, but as not all floors are tiled… Anyway, you can find such great pictures there:

🍃🌸🌿Regram @katherine_sabbath #ihavethisthingwithfloors #tiles

Ein Beitrag geteilt von I Have This Thing With Floors (@ihavethisthingwithfloors) am

Side effect: You’ll want to shop shoes right away 😀

There are several collectors of floor pictures, check out your own city. I like Paris very much, though there are many mosaic, not only tiles (but who cares?)

I totally admire the moorish influences in Spain and Portugal, so #azulejo is a great hashtag. That means tile, both in Spanish and in Portuguese. My favourite account is one that collects pictures of facades in Porto: I think it’s really special! They often show single tiles, not only the pattern as many others do. This feed always remindes me of my grandmas house, I don’t even know why, as I can’t remember one single tile there. I guess it’s the style that was used in old farmhouses (and we’re speaking about a Black Forest farmhouse, not one in southern Europe).

To go in another direction: tiletuesday shows often modern tiles and their surroundings.You can tag your pictures #tiletuesday to get featured. They show pictures from all over the world. Here is an example from Berlin:

There are 2 shops that have special Instagram feeds which I love. The Cementtileshop sells – guess what – cement tiles 😉 They focus on the rooms or places where the tiles are ‘living’.

Pratt and Larson on the other hand focus on their new designs and ideas. You’ll often find work in progress, like when they are painting the tiles.

There are some hashtags I can recommend for further research on Instagram. Try






Maybe you’re interested in a special style or pattern? Try the name of the pattern or the word for tiles in the language of their origin.

Feel free to comment if you think your Instagram feed should be mentioned as well or if you have a website about tiles or just want to say hello 🙂




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The soothing art of tiles

I have this thing with tiles… I thought I was only one crazy enough to fotograph every single tile I can find while tileseeing – uhm sightseeing… But there is even a widely used hashtag on Instagram: #ihavethisthingwithtiles 😀

There is also a user with this profile name (ihavethisthingwithtiles)  and I recommend this feed for all who are tile-addicted. They curate and repost tagged pictures.

When it comes to tiles, there are some places to be like old houses, Lisbon (Sintra) or Andalusia (Alhambra)

I remember that I first got into tiles when I was in Lisbon and we made a day trip to Sintra, a small town north of Lisbon with old palaces and … tiles … everywhere!  The stunning thing is that they do not only have eye-catching patterns, but use tiles as canvas for art. Here are some impressions:

Tiles in Sintra, Portugal
More tiles in Sintra, Portugal
Green and white tile pattern in Lisbon

Another place with jaw-dropping tiles is the famous Alhambra in Andalusia.

I love the contrast of light and shadow at such sunny places
Another beautiful detail of a tiles pattern at the Alhambra.


This is also a great pattern of tiles at the Alhambra
This is how tiles are distributed all over the places at the Alhambra.
Even the floor has some cool details!
Look at those mural tiles at the Alhambra!
And some more mural details…

Tiles are fascinating in so many different aspects, be it as art canvas or ‘simple’ pattern with its repetitive impression. I also love it when they come in plain color. Oh, I have to search for a picture of our former bathroom. There were cool light blue tiles, but we had to get them off the walls when we renovated and installed new pipes.

I think you got the point: tiles are awesome! That’s why my this weeks Instagram roundup will be about tiles! Don’t miss it tomorrow!

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My favourites on Instagram (part 2) – the coloring artists

Today I’ll write about my favourite coloring artists on Instagram. I love their feeds, they are candy for the eyes! (And as I finally found out how I can embed some examples here, I will give you proof right here and now!). Don’t forget to add your own favourites in the comment section! I’ll also recommend some coloring books on this page. If you click on the link, you can purchase them at and I’ll get a provision.

Johanna Basford / johannabasford

Well, kind of obvious that I’ll enlist her. She’s the queen of coloring books and her Instagram feed is full of sneak previews and glimpses of her current work. She also shows works from followers and artists that colored her illustrations. You can buy her books, postcards, calenders, … on There is a cooperation with method soaps which I like a lot. You can find more information here.

Chris Cheng / colorvscolour

Chris Cheng is awesome. Her coloring is so vibrant and beautiful, have a look! Also, don’t miss her Youtube channel if you want to learn more about how she works.


Maria Trolle / maria_trolle

She’s not only an illustrator and author of childrensbooks, she also published some gorgeous coloring books. You can buy them via for example.


Daphne / daphnesgallery

Want some more vibrant colors? Don’t miss daphnesgalleryand her stunning instagrams.



Fay (I guess that’s her name) has a more dreamy and romantic style. She prefers nature as motif and calls her style carnifloral.


Cherry Lee / cherrycolours

You’ll find more asian motifs in this feed by Cherry Lee.


Let me know your most loved coloring feed in the comments! Alos, let me know if you are into coloring and want to show some of your artwork! I plan to write more on coloring and on designing coloring books soon, so let me know if you want to be featured!

I write about my favourites on Instagram on a regular basis. Well. That’s my second post. But there will be more, I’m totally addicted! You’ll find them all in the category “Inspired by Instagram”.

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Wisdom begins in wonder. Socrates.

Wisdom begins in wonder. Socrates

Today I started working on a huge blog post about strategies the lead to an artwork. At the same time I started a new art journal, was about time. This picture is a detail from the first page. I can’t wait to tell you more about it!


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My favourites on instagram (part 1)

I love Instagram, totally addicted. When you’re addicted too, you should follow me on Instagram!

Instagram is huge and that doesn’t make it easier to select whom to follow. So I just decided do give you a roundup on my favourites. I’ll probably do this on a regular basis, maybe on different topics. So this weeks topic… is the fair art KARLSRUHE. Here are some of the galleries and artists that will be shown.

My absolute favorite is Fernando Suarez Reguera.  He’s a great sculptor from Spain. The funny thing is: He’s from Oviedo which reminded me of Woody Allens “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona”. They go for a short trip to Oviedo in order to see a famous sculpture there. I just wondered if Woody Allen had Reguera on his mind, when he created that scene of the film. (If you haven’t seen the film yet, stop reading, start watching the film…)

Then there’s The profile does not tell very much about the artist, but I like the pictures of his pieces very much. So I’m looking forward to see his art in real life tomorrow.

Daniele Sigalot is represented at art KARLSRUHE by BernheimerContemporary with a pretty cool installation.

Isn’t it great? Did you notice the planes?
It’s “Let’s play peace for once, 2016“ by Daniele #Sigalot represented by #bernheimercontemporary

Also, don’t miss Jo Kley.

If you’re interested in Pop Art, have a look at 3StepsCrew.  They are represented by Gallery 2CforArt

Did I mention you should follow me on Instagram? I guess I’ll post a lot tomorrow, but this will depend on the cooperation of the galleries.


EDIT: Had a type in a name and added the picture of Daniele Sigalots peace dove. Also, if you want to see more of my visit at artKARLSRUHE, follow this link.

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In case you don’t like eating cabbage…

Today I’m telling you about an artistical project on which I worked some time ago. Uh well, long time ago. To be honest, those works are from July 2005. I was engaged in shadows and that’s how I ran into the fascinating structures of cabbage.

The knobbly surface creates deep ridges and crates, where the light vanishes whereas it shines at the tops. The  branches of the veins bring some regularity that give the eyes something to fix on.

I lateron continued this works and ‘resorted’ them with digital image editing. Today this might be a matter of seconds, but at that time I spent days searching for filters and effects, finding the composition I searched. Here are some examples:

The game with the blur was unintentional by the way. I had problems with my vision at that time, but didn’t know that. Today I’m wondering how I could produce so many photography series and show them at exhibitions without having one single well defined picture among them. And nobody noticed!  I even had good grades (at least in photography) in my final exhibition for the first state examination. But please, in case you’re a teacher and you wonder why the photographies of your students miss depth or definition, please consider that the student might need (new) glasses.

Did you ever work with cabbage in your art?

Oh that reminds me: Last year I saw a great picture at Art KARLSRUHE. An artist created walls of (artificial) salad. I almost bought a 1m² piece, but I feared dusting it. Yep, that’s the main reason I didn’t buy it. I would have hanged it in the kitchen and dust and fat from cooking would have ruined it. I don’t remember the artist right now, but only two days to go until the art fair reopens their doors, so I guess I’ll see some more works by this artist.

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My top 4 favourite color palette sites


I love color palettes!

They show the harmony in a picture, improve your visual skills and usually they are delightful.

I could spend hours and hours, sitting on the sofa, tablet in my hands, watching fotos and the extracted colors. This makes me feel as if I just had spent 2 weeks of vacation at the sea.  But of course there is a more practical reason to use color palettes. Designers use them while searching for the perfect color e.g. (yeah, brides as well…) und artists use them for inspiration when the think about colors.

While many blogs and websites of magazines spent the last weeks with suggestions on how to use the Pantone color of the year, there are many other great blogs who just spent their time with colors, palettes, harmony… Here are my favourites!

Edit: Meanwhile this needs an update, as I want to add 2 more great links. As this is a very popular article and many readers saved it, I can’t change the title, though it’s not 4 anymore… Stupid me, I’ll keep that in mind for future articles…

I’m also looking forward to your comments. Tell me about your favourite blogs, I’m sure there are many more which I don’t know yet.


In Color Balance or for their international site:

Unfortunately I don’t understand the text at all, but the pictures are so beautiful! I always want to got on a photography expedition or grab my brushes right away when I’m on that site. I’m glad I found the international version of this site (finally).

Color Collective

I think Color Collective was the first blog that engaged with palettes. There is especially the category “art + design” which I like a lot while the fashion pics are not so interesting for me. But I think it’s fascinating how they often combine several pictures and show their common palette.

🙁 this site is currently unavailabe: Brandi Girl Blog

I love Brandis blog because she does not only create interesting palettes, but she also writes about the backgrounds and color theory. She sometimes writes about blog walks on color palettes, even more inspiration to find… 🙂

Design Seeds

Desing Seeds is a blog where I relax at once. The site is so wunderful and beautiful and inspirational and.. just go and see for yourself (but come back later…). Everyone can join in as blogger Jessica Colaluca works with pictures that were submitted via Instagram and the hashtag #SeedsColor. I think this is actually my favourite one, I’m visiting this site almost every other day…

Gold on the ceiling

I discovered this through a comment (thank you so much Lea) and Ivas color schemes are great! I’m looking forward to new posts of her.


Let me know, what do you think about these awesome blogs?

(this blog post was originally published at, my german site // edit: but I never updated it there, so stick to this one, if you want to stay in touch for follow-ups!)

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