My favourites on Instagram (part 2) – the coloring artists

Today I’ll write about my favourite coloring artists on Instagram. I love their feeds, they are candy for the eyes! (And as I finally found out how I can embed some examples here, I will give you proof right here and now!). Don’t forget to add your own favourites in the comment section! I’ll also recommend some coloring books on this page. If you click on the link, you can purchase them at and I’ll get a provision.

Johanna Basford / johannabasford

Well, kind of obvious that I’ll enlist her. She’s the queen of coloring books and her Instagram feed is full of sneak previews and glimpses of her current work. She also shows works from followers and artists that colored her illustrations. You can buy her books, postcards, calenders, … on There is a cooperation with method soaps which I like a lot. You can find more information here.

Chris Cheng / colorvscolour

Chris Cheng is awesome. Her coloring is so vibrant and beautiful, have a look! Also, don’t miss her Youtube channel if you want to learn more about how she works.


Maria Trolle / maria_trolle

She’s not only an illustrator and author of childrensbooks, she also published some gorgeous coloring books. You can buy them via for example.


Daphne / daphnesgallery

Want some more vibrant colors? Don’t miss daphnesgalleryand her stunning instagrams.



Fay (I guess that’s her name) has a more dreamy and romantic style. She prefers nature as motif and calls her style carnifloral.


Cherry Lee / cherrycolours

You’ll find more asian motifs in this feed by Cherry Lee.


Let me know your most loved coloring feed in the comments! Alos, let me know if you are into coloring and want to show some of your artwork! I plan to write more on coloring and on designing coloring books soon, so let me know if you want to be featured!

I write about my favourites on Instagram on a regular basis. Well. That’s my second post. But there will be more, I’m totally addicted! You’ll find them all in the category “Inspired by Instagram”.

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Wisdom begins in wonder. Socrates.

Wisdom begins in wonder. Socrates

Today I started working on a huge blog post about strategies the lead to an artwork. At the same time I started a new art journal, was about time. This picture is a detail from the first page. I can’t wait to tell you more about it!


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artKARLSRUHE 2017 – a review

Soooo, artKARLSRUHE – my local artfair – is over. I promised to tell you all about it. But well. There is not so much to tell.

I loved it and I am disappointed at the same time. Mostly I loved it because I had the opportunity to see a lot of contemporary art within short time. There were stunning artworks and I could talk to many people like artists or gallerist. At the same time there was only one piece of art where I really considered buying it (A mobile by Monika Schmid). Ok, to be honest, I would have bought a lot if I had a) more money and b) no kids who destroy everything withing reach. (The mobile could be placed out of reach…) Oh I talked to a nice woman of a company that offers art insurances (Mannheimer Versicherungen). She was optimistic that my kids would do no harm to any bought artworks. Hahaha. My 4yr old accidently produced a hole in the wall this morning with the help of Lego. He can destroy anything. And I’m sure he would MEAN no harm… 😉

And why am I disappointed?

First of all, I had the impression that there were not so many new things so see, be it artist or artwork. There were several artworks where I am pretty sure that the respective gallery showed the exact same piece last year. Of course, galleries don’t change the artists they represent every now and then, so it’s kinda logic that I saw artworks of most artists before. The sad thing is, that there were only few artists where I could see some kind of progress to the artworks of last years exhibition. Also, it’s february and many pieces were dated 2017. I know, this really IS contemporary, but it makes me think that the artists just painted or built some stuff to have something new to show and sell for the quick money, but without all the hard work and progress of thinking that makes a good work an excellent one.

Then I think the fair itself is beyond its peak. There were fewer visitors than last year (at least that’s my impression for the days I was there) and even fewer galleries. The overall space was the same as last year I think, but the galleries had bigger booths, so there were less galleries. That’s speculation, I’m too lazy to fact-check this right now.

Aaaaand… a couple of years ago they changed the caterer and I’m still missing the smoked salmon bagels…

What about the cool stuff I saw? You can have a look at my instagram to see some of them. This is the next disappointment. I expexcted the galleries and artists to be kind of reluctant to have their artworks shown and shared at Instagram, but I was kinda shocked of how many gallerists didn’t even know what Instagram is. Instagram or Blogs are such a fantastic medium to show an artists work and increase awareness for him. It’s perfect for PR and this is a main task of a professional gallery imho, so I really don’t understand why they don’t use it. Especially the small ones (big galleries or galleries with really expensive artists usually have professionals for their social media) who often don’t know if they’ll make it over the next year. Also there was one gallery, they didn’t want me to publish the pictures of the (amazing!) artworks because they feared they might lose some kind of exclusive status. Well they showed the pieces at an art fair – what did they expect? Of course I respected their wish and didn’t publish it, though it was one of my favourites. Maybe that’s the point where I should mention that I asked ALL galleries or artists (if available) for their permission to publish the pictures you can see on my instagram.


But I have to mention that there were also great reactions like Mrs. Cerny of Galerie Cerny und Partner who spontaneously decided to reactivate her instagram account or Jo Kley who posed for a picture with two of his sculptures. Or that guy from Galerie Laurence Esnol who even recognized my pictures from instagram! All those great people made it worthwhile, so once again I’ll have to say – I won’t miss artKARLSRUHE 2018.

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First impressions of art KARLSRUHE 2017

So I was at art KARLSRUHE yesterday and I’m glad that I have a 2-day-ticket (though I hope that by next year the fair will accept blogger for press admittance…), so I’ll go there once again as soon as baby wakes up from her morning nap.
My general impression was, that there were fewer galleries and fewer visitors as in past years, instead there were more artists present than ever. Here are a few pictures which you can also see on my instagram account.

I know, you’re waiting for the pics and I don’t have the time right now to add all the correct sources right now, but be sure I’ll add all the information in the next days. In case you’re a copyright holder and want me to remove a picture, let me know.

The art fair building at Karlsruhe – best spring weather!


surprise, surprise – my bag with the two-part catalogue (heavy piece… bring your backpack…)


“Ceci n’est pas un meme“ by Holger Kurt #Jäger. Represented by #Kunst-Raum schulte-goltz+noelte.
So this ain’t #trump


Now here is the final piece that I mentioned on my blog. Isn’t it great? Did you notice the planes?
It’s “Let’s play peace for once, 2016“ by Daniele #Sigalot represented by #bernheimercontemporary


Nice talk with the #artist Ulrich #Haug about his series “Schichtweise“ from 2017. He is represented by #KunsthausFischer


Marvelous #glass pieces by Sang Min Lee, a korean artist represented by gallery #tableau from #Seoul.


hch-33 by H. Craig Hanna, represented by the #gallery of Laurence #Esnol
The depth! The artist painted on glass, placed above wood


Already sold: “Wolke“ (cloud) by Monika Schmid. She’s represented by Galerie #Claeys
Dreamy, light, awesome!
Don’t miss that if you’re at #artkarlsruhe


some champaign while we waited for the artima talk






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An artspoon full of sugar chalk

Rocket, drawn with sugar chalk

Two weeks ago was the 4th birthday of my son and he asked for a rocket themed party. The reason he likes rockets is a big poster by Hervé which we bought for him in the Comic Museum of Brussels 3 years ago and which hangs in his room. I’m happy it’s not a fireman party he wanted and so I threw myself into party preparations with enthusiasm. That means I spent several nights at Pinterest, just to buy some paper plates with rockets on it.

So far, his or his friends birthday parties went like this: Kids were sent to the kids room to play while parents were having their own party in the living room. Very relaxed and just the way I like it. Unfortunately there was some crafting activity at the last birthday he was invited to. The results were pretty cool, but now he wanted me to craft rockets with his guests. Uhm…

Space drawings with sugar chalk

A few days before the birthday party I had the idea to draw a colorful space scenery – with sugar chalk on black paper. Clever as I am, I decided to test that beforehand. (always do that before you want kids to do a specific activity)

What is sugar chalk? It’s just plain chalk (like school chalk) which was put into sugar walked. That way the color gets more intensive and the chalk is easier to handle on paper. It’s not so dusty due to the moisture and sticks better to the paper. But anyhow, you should fixate the picture in the end, e.g. with hair spray.

It’s really easy to make your own sugar chalk!

Ingredients für sugar chalk: water, sugar, chalk. That’s it!

Recipe for sugar chalk (magic chalk)

1 jar with wide opening

100ml water

1 teaspoon sugar

Fill the jat with water, add sugar, stirr. In case you take more water, just add more sugar as well. I took the triple portion on the picture. Then you add the chalk and wait for a couple of minutes. Done 🙂 When you have enough jars, you should consider taking different jars for each color, so the chalk won’t get dirty. But it’s not a big problem, don’t worry. When you’re done drawing, you can put the chalk back into the sugar water and keep it for some time(but not too long). But make sure it’s a chalk of good quality, so it won’t dissolve.

Draw on dark surfaces, like black paper.

A jar of sugar chalk

By the way: I had problems as the color fixated on surfaces where I only wanted to have it temporarily oder not at all (like the kids table) and I couldn’t get rid of the stains at once. So be careful!

Ready to get started

My little artist was very motivated, but – as always – just to test the different effects and results. He’s more of an explorer type… So he draw a “color casserole” 🙂 It wasn’t as productive as I expected, but the baby was with us and distracted him. He didn’t get into the flow and stopped drawing after only a quarter of an hour.

Artists at work.
Space made with sugar chalk

Oh. By the way. The chalk is not edible and I recommend to keep babies from tasting the chalk. Because… well… it tastes like sugar and my baby liked it and would’nt stop eating… (yup, I expect to be nominated for the “mom of the year” award anytime soon).

I hope you’ll have lots of fun drawing!


PS: I didn’t offer this activity at the birthday party. I sticked to my opinion that they should keep themseves busy without the help of adults. It was a great party 🙂

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Double Vision exhibition

A few weeks ago I used naptime of my baby to have a look at the upcoming exhibitions in my area. Just in time, as I otherwise would have missed the Double Vision exhibition at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe. I had planned to go there some time ago, but then I forgot about it. You know that too, don’t you? I’m so happy I didn’t miss it!

To make a long story short: the exhibition was fantastic! I already talked about the visit on my german blog, but I loved the exhibition so much, I want to tell you about it as well (even if it’s over by now).


William Kentridge,
Untitled (Rhino II), 2007
© William Kentridge

William Kentridge, a contemporary artist from South Africa and Albrecht Dürer concentrated on similar questions, motives and media (Print! Books!). The exhibition faced those two artists vis-a-vis and let the visitors compare. Each showroom engaged in a specific lineup, e.g. their concentration on the rhino (which also serves as marketing catch) oder their view on perspective (which seems their biggest common ground).

Albrecht Dürer
Das Rhinozeros, 1515
© bpk / Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

A (also physical) confrontation was e.g. arranged for Kentridges “Remembering the treason trial” and Dürers “Ehrenpforte”. About 500 years are between those prints, both in big scale and both against neglect.

William Kentridge,
Remembering the Treason Trial, 2013
© William Kentridge
Albrecht Dürer,
Die Ehrenpforte Kaiser Maximilians I.
© bpk/Kupferstichkabinett, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

I did not always find the manner how the pieces were put into context easy to understand, but e.g. a study room with archive-research-laboratory character which presented the theoretical pieces on perspective by Dürer and their practical implementation by Kentridge made me dive into that topic by the mere atmosphere of the room. Maybe that’s the reason why I was so fascinated by the anamorphosis “Medusa” which was presented in that room.

Kentridge is also known for his animation films, many of them can be found on Youtube (but I think they are rather illegal copies). The Kunsthalle showed films like “Felix in exile” or animations in books, prepared like flip-books. I couldn’t elude myself from the hypnotic fascination and the captivating reduction of colors.

William Kentridge
Blatt aus: Ubu Tells the Truth, 1996/97
© William Kentridge

I’m glad I went to that exhibition just in time before it closed 3 days later. I’m not so glad that my son is not yet old enough for the “Junge Kunsthalle”, the program for kids. I’m looking forward to that! My thesis for the state examination was about approaching art with kids in museums and therefore I know how extraordinary and innovative the Kunsthalle works in this field.

I collected some links in my german blog post, so most of them lead to german sites. But there’s google translate 😉

Your way to the Kunsthalle:

The german Wikipedia entry about Kentridge with some very interesting links:

The german Wikipedia entry about Dürer for those of you who don’t have any further plans for today…:

Btw, there are other cool people who wrote about the exhibition or Kentridge: Ursula Usakowska-Wolff wrote about the exhibition when it was in Berlin and Sarah Kirk Hanley wrote some very interesting stuff about Kentridges prints: ArtPrintSA shows a few pieces on their site which could also be seen at the Kunsthalle

So, in case this exhibition will move on to your place, don’t miss it!

(No, this article is not sponsored, I really loved it!)


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My top 4 favourite color palette sites


I love color palettes!

They show the harmony in a picture, improve your visual skills and usually they are delightful.

I could spend hours and hours, sitting on the sofa, tablet in my hands, watching fotos and the extracted colors. This makes me feel as if I just had spent 2 weeks of vacation at the sea.  But of course there is a more practical reason to use color palettes. Designers use them while searching for the perfect color e.g. (yeah, brides as well…) und artists use them for inspiration when the think about colors.

While many blogs and websites of magazines spent the last weeks with suggestions on how to use the Pantone color of the year, there are many other great blogs who just spent their time with colors, palettes, harmony… Here are my favourites!

Edit: Meanwhile this needs an update, as I want to add 2 more great links. As this is a very popular article and many readers saved it, I can’t change the title, though it’s not 4 anymore… Stupid me, I’ll keep that in mind for future articles…

I’m also looking forward to your comments. Tell me about your favourite blogs, I’m sure there are many more which I don’t know yet.


In Color Balance or for their international site:

Unfortunately I don’t understand the text at all, but the pictures are so beautiful! I always want to got on a photography expedition or grab my brushes right away when I’m on that site. I’m glad I found the international version of this site (finally).

Color Collective

I think Color Collective was the first blog that engaged with palettes. There is especially the category “art + design” which I like a lot while the fashion pics are not so interesting for me. But I think it’s fascinating how they often combine several pictures and show their common palette.

🙁 this site is currently unavailabe: Brandi Girl Blog

I love Brandis blog because she does not only create interesting palettes, but she also writes about the backgrounds and color theory. She sometimes writes about blog walks on color palettes, even more inspiration to find… 🙂

Design Seeds

Desing Seeds is a blog where I relax at once. The site is so wunderful and beautiful and inspirational and.. just go and see for yourself (but come back later…). Everyone can join in as blogger Jessica Colaluca works with pictures that were submitted via Instagram and the hashtag #SeedsColor. I think this is actually my favourite one, I’m visiting this site almost every other day…

Gold on the ceiling

I discovered this through a comment (thank you so much Lea) and Ivas color schemes are great! I’m looking forward to new posts of her.


Let me know, what do you think about these awesome blogs?

(this blog post was originally published at, my german site // edit: but I never updated it there, so stick to this one, if you want to stay in touch for follow-ups!)

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Looking back at art KARLSRUHE

13 years ago I was at an art fair for the very first time: art KARLSRUHE 2004. I still remember how I went through the exhibition, too shy to talk to the gallerists and artists. I was afraid I’d make a fool of myself when they’d ask me something I didn’t know or when they’d notice that I wasn’t a buyer.

I made notes and collected the names of all artists I liked. Later on I googled them and printed all pictures I found online and liked. I made a photo album which I kept and still love. It’s a treasure of inspiration for me. Unfortunately I didn’t write the names of the artists next to the pictures, so there are some of which I don’t have any clue on who the artist is.

One year later I was more courageous and I remember that I talked to Isa Dahl, a german artist. I was standing at a booth and admired her network paintings. I was working on something similar myself at that time, so I also wondered about the technical aspects and decided to ask her if she was willing to share her knowledge. To make it short: she was not and she was not very friendly (I remember that 12 years later, so you can imagine what a snob she was).

I went to most art KARLSRUHE fairs since that and I like the show. As the focus is on contemporary art, especially art of the 21st century, it’s perfect for me. I love diving into the exhibition, getting so many impressions in short time, which intensifies them for me.

For a couple of years now I’m visiting art KARLSRUHE as a buyer, not only as art lover. I inherited some money from a loved person and I decided to buy a piece of art as a souvenir of her. I searched for a painting which really reminded me of her. Well. I’m still searching. I found some paintings which I liked and which were in budget, but the dimensions were too big. I live in a quite big house, but I don’t have a wall where I could hang a 2x3m painting out of reach of my little children.

But it’s interesting how different the visit of an art fair is when you really want to buy something. You check all art pieces if they meet your criteria, ignoring all who obviously don’t. Last year this made me really disappointed, even if the exhibition itself was not bad at all.

So I’m looking for the fair next week. Maybe I find my souvenir. I hope I’ll have some interesting talks and get some more inspiration for my blog. I’ll take my youngest kid with me, so I hope that she’ll like it too. I already know that the place is not so kid-friendly.

I’m especially looking forward to the korean galleries which usually attend, as I was in Korea several times already. I have friends there, I love the country and I love korean art! I didn’t yet have a look at the catalogue, so I don’t even know if they’ll be here.

For those of you living in Brussels: next week it’s Affordable Art! I want to go there for several years now, but I always miss it, out of several reasons. At least this year it’s at the same time as art KARLSRUHE, so I won’t sit here and wait for my death out of boredom.

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