The soothing art of tiles

I have this thing with tiles… I thought I was only one crazy enough to fotograph every single tile I can find while tileseeing – uhm sightseeing… But there is even a widely used hashtag on Instagram: #ihavethisthingwithtiles 😀

There is also a user with this profile name (ihavethisthingwithtiles)  and I recommend this feed for all who are tile-addicted. They curate and repost tagged pictures.

When it comes to tiles, there are some places to be like old houses, Lisbon (Sintra) or Andalusia (Alhambra)

I remember that I first got into tiles when I was in Lisbon and we made a day trip to Sintra, a small town north of Lisbon with old palaces and … tiles … everywhere!  The stunning thing is that they do not only have eye-catching patterns, but use tiles as canvas for art. Here are some impressions:

Tiles in Sintra, Portugal
More tiles in Sintra, Portugal
Green and white tile pattern in Lisbon

Another place with jaw-dropping tiles is the famous Alhambra in Andalusia.

I love the contrast of light and shadow at such sunny places
Another beautiful detail of a tiles pattern at the Alhambra.


This is also a great pattern of tiles at the Alhambra
This is how tiles are distributed all over the places at the Alhambra.
Even the floor has some cool details!
Look at those mural tiles at the Alhambra!
And some more mural details…

Tiles are fascinating in so many different aspects, be it as art canvas or ‘simple’ pattern with its repetitive impression. I also love it when they come in plain color. Oh, I have to search for a picture of our former bathroom. There were cool light blue tiles, but we had to get them off the walls when we renovated and installed new pipes.

I think you got the point: tiles are awesome! That’s why my this weeks Instagram roundup will be about tiles! Don’t miss it tomorrow!

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