Shaving cream marbled paper art project for kids

Did I ever tell you how much I love my kids’ daycare? I love the teachers so much!

Just today I discovered some new art they created with the kids:

shaving cream marbled paper art / craft

My son loves to experiment, that was one of the first informations I got as feedback when he started daycare when he was 14 months old: When he got some pencils and paper, he didn’t (or at least not only) try to draw some lines. Instead he tried what else you can do with a paper and a pencil: roll it, drop the pencil when using the paper as a slide, and stuff like that.
He’s four years old now and this somehow didn’t change. He sometimes draws an object, but most of the time he draws totally non-representational.

So when they can do such experiments with a beautiful and artsy outcome at daycare, he’s delighted. And Mommy too 🙂

What did they do here?

The teachers put some shaving foam / cream in a box or something like that. Than the kids could add a little fluid color and stirr cautiously. Small pieces of paper were placed on top of the foam, so the foam pattern would be printed onto the paper. Voilà.

Such a fun way to build great art pieces! And the mess… Depends on the surrounding and the kids tendency to destroy furniture, but it should be ok 😉 No really, I think this is not a big deal. In any case, you could opt for some water soluble colors.

Ok, you want a complete guide? I just found one by Kelly (thank you for the picture!) from “Typically Simple”. And it’s pretty cool, she made some easter egg craft with this marbled paper.

This weekend I’ll decorate the easter eggs, so I think I’ll try some shavingcream easter egg craft.

I wonder if you have some other ideas for art with shaving cream? Please share your thoughts in the comments! Also, let me know if you’ve written a cool blog post about this, so I could share it here.

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