Procrastination monday

Today I’m a bit depressed, it’s raining and as I started gardening season this weekend, I kinda thought it would stay sunny and warm. but no…

So, today I’m procrastinating, thinking about my next articles and doodling a little….

This book is great, by the way! It’s german, but if you want to buy it, you can do so at Amazon Germany. It shows a big range of methods for printmaking, each with an overview of tools you need, how to use the tools and some cool expert tips. There are many examples and the really really cool thing is, that Sonja Kägi doesn’t have a focus on either kids or adults. Instead, she tries to give examples for both, so that you can use this book for your own artwork as well as for a rainy afternoon with the kids…

Don’t worry if you’re in need for an English source of wisdom: it’s this one: ‘The printmaking bible: The Complete Guide to Materials and Techniques’ by Ann d’Arcy Hughes and Hebe Vernon-Morris. It’s more or the less the same as my german book. It shows so many different methods to try and does not finish at showing how to make a print with this method. You’ll also learn a lot about history of printmaking, current artist, … So if you think printmaking is something you should give a try, grab this book!


Edit: I need to figure out how to format these amazon link, as I think I’ll post book reviews every now and then.

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