My favorites on Instagram (part 4) – weaving a world

Today’s Instagram roundup is all about the art of weaving. Weaving is one of the oldest crafts of mankind and our modern culture is unthinkable without the achievements of the weavers of ancient times.

It’s also on of the first crafts I can remember 🙂 We made a woven heart out of red paper stripes for mothersday.

My mom showed me how to build my own weaving loom with an old cardboard piece – which I then used all. the. time. I was allowed to use her wool leftovers and created fancy things like a small pink and white handbag (which made me lose my money as it was too loose) or home decor for my Barbies.

Weaving is a technique that was a little out of date for a couple of years, but the comeback made it cooler than ever before. Weaving is perfect for getting into the flow and let the mind wander. It’s perfect to express our feelings, we can choose of so many patterns and materials nowadays, possibilities are endless! We can even create stunning pictures as if we had paper, brush and color. Well almost. No it’s just as stunning, but it’s different!

I did some paper weaving for spring decoration lately, but I need a loom or a big cardboard, as I want to weave some coole seating mats for my kids’ outdoor playspace. I’d like to give it to them as an Easter present, but that doesn’t fit into my Lent resolution (which is: I won’t buy ANY new art supply before Easter – very hard to stick to, as I’m addicted to trying new stuff).

As for most crafting and arts fields, Instagram is an Eldorado of Inspiration for any aspiring weaver! Here we go:

THIS! is my favorite weaving picture this week:

Filipa Duran Mata of @crochet.e.etc posted this for International Women’s Day and I think it’s just so beautiful!


Then I love @haandvevd, a textile artist from Norway. She makes thoughtful and minimalist woven wallhangings in natural colors. Her feed is wonderful!

Judit Justs weaving art is more of the ecclectic colorful kind, she often combines the weaving with knotting.

〰✂ available on my Etsy shop -link on profile. ✂〰

Ein von @_jujujust_ geteilter Beitrag am

Check out Christabel Balfours feed, if you’re into artful tapestry! Her style is minimalist, calm and simple.

If you want to create your own stuff and need a challenge: visit The Weaving Kind. Because that’s just what they offer: Challenges, and inspiration!

Let me know if you think I should add your feed to this list as well!

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