My top 4 favourite color palette sites


I love color palettes!

They show the harmony in a picture, improve your visual skills and usually they are delightful.

I could spend hours and hours, sitting on the sofa, tablet in my hands, watching fotos and the extracted colors. This makes me feel as if I just had spent 2 weeks of vacation at the sea.  But of course there is a more practical reason to use color palettes. Designers use them while searching for the perfect color e.g. (yeah, brides as well…) und artists use them for inspiration when the think about colors.

While many blogs and websites of magazines spent the last weeks with suggestions on how to use the Pantone color of the year, there are many other great blogs who just spent their time with colors, palettes, harmony… Here are my favourites!

Edit: Meanwhile this needs an update, as I want to add 2 more great links. As this is a very popular article and many readers saved it, I can’t change the title, though it’s not 4 anymore… Stupid me, I’ll keep that in mind for future articles…

I’m also looking forward to your comments. Tell me about your favourite blogs, I’m sure there are many more which I don’t know yet.


In Color Balance or for their international site:

Unfortunately I don’t understand the text at all, but the pictures are so beautiful! I always want to got on a photography expedition or grab my brushes right away when I’m on that site. I’m glad I found the international version of this site (finally).

Color Collective

I think Color Collective was the first blog that engaged with palettes. There is especially the category “art + design” which I like a lot while the fashion pics are not so interesting for me. But I think it’s fascinating how they often combine several pictures and show their common palette.

🙁 this site is currently unavailabe: Brandi Girl Blog

I love Brandis blog because she does not only create interesting palettes, but she also writes about the backgrounds and color theory. She sometimes writes about blog walks on color palettes, even more inspiration to find… 🙂

Design Seeds

Desing Seeds is a blog where I relax at once. The site is so wunderful and beautiful and inspirational and.. just go and see for yourself (but come back later…). Everyone can join in as blogger Jessica Colaluca works with pictures that were submitted via Instagram and the hashtag #SeedsColor. I think this is actually my favourite one, I’m visiting this site almost every other day…

Gold on the ceiling

I discovered this through a comment (thank you so much Lea) and Ivas color schemes are great! I’m looking forward to new posts of her.


Let me know, what do you think about these awesome blogs?

(this blog post was originally published at, my german site // edit: but I never updated it there, so stick to this one, if you want to stay in touch for follow-ups!)

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