My favourites on instagram (part 1)

I love Instagram, totally addicted. When you’re addicted too, you should follow me on Instagram!

Instagram is huge and that doesn’t make it easier to select whom to follow. So I just decided do give you a roundup on my favourites. I’ll probably do this on a regular basis, maybe on different topics. So this weeks topic… is the fair art KARLSRUHE. Here are some of the galleries and artists that will be shown.

My absolute favorite is Fernando Suarez Reguera.  He’s a great sculptor from Spain. The funny thing is: He’s from Oviedo which reminded me of Woody Allens “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona”. They go for a short trip to Oviedo in order to see a famous sculpture there. I just wondered if Woody Allen had Reguera on his mind, when he created that scene of the film. (If you haven’t seen the film yet, stop reading, start watching the film…)

Then there’s The profile does not tell very much about the artist, but I like the pictures of his pieces very much. So I’m looking forward to see his art in real life tomorrow.

Daniele Sigalot is represented at art KARLSRUHE by BernheimerContemporary with a pretty cool installation.

Isn’t it great? Did you notice the planes?
It’s “Let’s play peace for once, 2016“ by Daniele #Sigalot represented by #bernheimercontemporary

Also, don’t miss Jo Kley.

If you’re interested in Pop Art, have a look at 3StepsCrew.  They are represented by Gallery 2CforArt

Did I mention you should follow me on Instagram? I guess I’ll post a lot tomorrow, but this will depend on the cooperation of the galleries.


EDIT: Had a type in a name and added the picture of Daniele Sigalots peace dove. Also, if you want to see more of my visit at artKARLSRUHE, follow this link.

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