Looking back at art KARLSRUHE

13 years ago I was at an art fair for the very first time: art KARLSRUHE 2004. I still remember how I went through the exhibition, too shy to talk to the gallerists and artists. I was afraid I’d make a fool of myself when they’d ask me something I didn’t know or when they’d notice that I wasn’t a buyer.

I made notes and collected the names of all artists I liked. Later on I googled them and printed all pictures I found online and liked. I made a photo album which I kept and still love. It’s a treasure of inspiration for me. Unfortunately I didn’t write the names of the artists next to the pictures, so there are some of which I don’t have any clue on who the artist is.

One year later I was more courageous and I remember that I talked to Isa Dahl, a german artist. I was standing at a booth and admired her network paintings. I was working on something similar myself at that time, so I also wondered about the technical aspects and decided to ask her if she was willing to share her knowledge. To make it short: she was not and she was not very friendly (I remember that 12 years later, so you can imagine what a snob she was).

I went to most art KARLSRUHE fairs since that and I like the show. As the focus is on contemporary art, especially art of the 21st century, it’s perfect for me. I love diving into the exhibition, getting so many impressions in short time, which intensifies them for me.

For a couple of years now I’m visiting art KARLSRUHE as a buyer, not only as art lover. I inherited some money from a loved person and I decided to buy a piece of art as a souvenir of her. I searched for a painting which really reminded me of her. Well. I’m still searching. I found some paintings which I liked and which were in budget, but the dimensions were too big. I live in a quite big house, but I don’t have a wall where I could hang a 2x3m painting out of reach of my little children.

But it’s interesting how different the visit of an art fair is when you really want to buy something. You check all art pieces if they meet your criteria, ignoring all who obviously don’t. Last year this made me really disappointed, even if the exhibition itself was not bad at all.

So I’m looking for the fair next week. Maybe I find my souvenir. I hope I’ll have some interesting talks and get some more inspiration for my blog. I’ll take my youngest kid with me, so I hope that she’ll like it too. I already know that the place is not so kid-friendly.

I’m especially looking forward to the korean galleries which usually attend, as I was in Korea several times already. I have friends there, I love the country and I love korean art! I didn’t yet have a look at the catalogue, so I don’t even know if they’ll be here.

For those of you living in Brussels: next week it’s Affordable Art! I want to go there for several years now, but I always miss it, out of several reasons. At least this year it’s at the same time as art KARLSRUHE, so I won’t sit here and wait for my death out of boredom.

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