In case you don’t like eating cabbage…

Today I’m telling you about an artistical project on which I worked some time ago. Uh well, long time ago. To be honest, those works are from July 2005. I was engaged in shadows and that’s how I ran into the fascinating structures of cabbage.

The knobbly surface creates deep ridges and crates, where the light vanishes whereas it shines at the tops. The  branches of the veins bring some regularity that give the eyes something to fix on.

I lateron continued this works and ‘resorted’ them with digital image editing. Today this might be a matter of seconds, but at that time I spent days searching for filters and effects, finding the composition I searched. Here are some examples:

The game with the blur was unintentional by the way. I had problems with my vision at that time, but didn’t know that. Today I’m wondering how I could produce so many photography series and show them at exhibitions without having one single well defined picture among them. And nobody noticed!  I even had good grades (at least in photography) in my final exhibition for the first state examination. But please, in case you’re a teacher and you wonder why the photographies of your students miss depth or definition, please consider that the student might need (new) glasses.

Did you ever work with cabbage in your art?

Oh that reminds me: Last year I saw a great picture at Art KARLSRUHE. An artist created walls of (artificial) salad. I almost bought a 1m² piece, but I feared dusting it. Yep, that’s the main reason I didn’t buy it. I would have hanged it in the kitchen and dust and fat from cooking would have ruined it. I don’t remember the artist right now, but only two days to go until the art fair reopens their doors, so I guess I’ll see some more works by this artist.

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