Double Vision exhibition

A few weeks ago I used naptime of my baby to have a look at the upcoming exhibitions in my area. Just in time, as I otherwise would have missed the Double Vision exhibition at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe. I had planned to go there some time ago, but then I forgot about it. You know that too, don’t you? I’m so happy I didn’t miss it!

To make a long story short: the exhibition was fantastic! I already talked about the visit on my german blog, but I loved the exhibition so much, I want to tell you about it as well (even if it’s over by now).


William Kentridge,
Untitled (Rhino II), 2007
© William Kentridge

William Kentridge, a contemporary artist from South Africa and Albrecht Dürer concentrated on similar questions, motives and media (Print! Books!). The exhibition faced those two artists vis-a-vis and let the visitors compare. Each showroom engaged in a specific lineup, e.g. their concentration on the rhino (which also serves as marketing catch) oder their view on perspective (which seems their biggest common ground).

Albrecht Dürer
Das Rhinozeros, 1515
© bpk / Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

A (also physical) confrontation was e.g. arranged for Kentridges “Remembering the treason trial” and Dürers “Ehrenpforte”. About 500 years are between those prints, both in big scale and both against neglect.

William Kentridge,
Remembering the Treason Trial, 2013
© William Kentridge
Albrecht Dürer,
Die Ehrenpforte Kaiser Maximilians I.
© bpk/Kupferstichkabinett, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

I did not always find the manner how the pieces were put into context easy to understand, but e.g. a study room with archive-research-laboratory character which presented the theoretical pieces on perspective by Dürer and their practical implementation by Kentridge made me dive into that topic by the mere atmosphere of the room. Maybe that’s the reason why I was so fascinated by the anamorphosis “Medusa” which was presented in that room.

Kentridge is also known for his animation films, many of them can be found on Youtube (but I think they are rather illegal copies). The Kunsthalle showed films like “Felix in exile” or animations in books, prepared like flip-books. I couldn’t elude myself from the hypnotic fascination and the captivating reduction of colors.

William Kentridge
Blatt aus: Ubu Tells the Truth, 1996/97
© William Kentridge

I’m glad I went to that exhibition just in time before it closed 3 days later. I’m not so glad that my son is not yet old enough for the “Junge Kunsthalle”, the program for kids. I’m looking forward to that! My thesis for the state examination was about approaching art with kids in museums and therefore I know how extraordinary and innovative the Kunsthalle works in this field.

I collected some links in my german blog post, so most of them lead to german sites. But there’s google translate 😉

Your way to the Kunsthalle:

The german Wikipedia entry about Kentridge with some very interesting links:

The german Wikipedia entry about Dürer for those of you who don’t have any further plans for today…:

Btw, there are other cool people who wrote about the exhibition or Kentridge: Ursula Usakowska-Wolff wrote about the exhibition when it was in Berlin and Sarah Kirk Hanley wrote some very interesting stuff about Kentridges prints: ArtPrintSA shows a few pieces on their site which could also be seen at the Kunsthalle

So, in case this exhibition will move on to your place, don’t miss it!

(No, this article is not sponsored, I really loved it!)


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